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Manuale Studio 2.0

Studio 2.0 – users manual v02



1     Web portal access requirement. 1

1.1   Supported web Browser. 1

1.2   Minimum screen resolution. 1

1.3   Language. 1

2     Portal structure. 1

3     Browse Studio 2.0 catalogue. 2

3.1   The Simple File Finder. 2

3.2   The Advances Visual Engine (AVE). 2

3.3   Search results. 2

3.4   The design’s Card. 2

3.5   The Artist’s card. 3

4     Registration. 3

4.1   How to register. 3

4.2   Access the site as a registered member. 3

4.3   Personal Area. 3

5     How to buy a design. 4

5.1   Studio 2.0 Credit System.. 4

5.2   Recharge your PURCHASES CREDIT. 4

5.3   Design purchase. 4

6     How to become a Studio 2.0 artist. 4

6.1   Requirement to become an Artist. 4

6.2   Royalties system.. 4

6.3   Publish your design. 4

6.4   Withdraw your SALES CREDITS. 4

7     Propose and participate at the projects. 5

7.1   What are the projects. 5

7.2   How to propose your own project. 5

7.3   Participate to other projects. 5

1           Web portal access requirement

1.1          Supported web Browser

Studio 2.0 requires Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or better, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or better for a proper visualization.

1.2          Minimum screen resolution

To properly view the portal the minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels. 1.280 x 800 resolution or better are advised for an optimal experience.

1.3          Language

Studio 2.0 is localized in most sections in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese. You can pick your language through the flags present in the upper toolbar. The text contents submitted by users (designs and projects descriptions) are obviously reported in the original language.

2           Portal structure

A Studio 2.0 page is structured as following:

An UPPER TOOLBAR allows the access to your own user account, and instantly verifies your available credit.

Underneath you will find the designs SEARCH section, organized with SIMPLE FILE FINDER (word research) and ADVANCED VISUAL ENGINE (AVE), for word-free searching.

The MAIN MENU below allows a fast access to all the portal sections.

The Homepage main section contains the last loaded designs, the most wanted Artists and the latest news of Studio 2.0.

Some of the elements may be hidden in some context. If you get lost you can find your way to the various sections of the site by using the MAIN MENU.

3           Browse Studio 2.0 catalogue

Studio 2.0 allows you to browse the designs catalogue in many different ways, facilitating net-surfing according to your consultation style and preferences. From the homepage you can activate the Advanced Visual Engine (AVE), or choose the latest loaded materials. The homepage reports the most wanted Artists catalogues as well.

From a specific design page you can easily find other similar designs, the ones in the same category or the compositions submitted by the same Artist.

3.1          The Simple File Finder

The Simple File Finder allows finding a design by using key words (tag) associated to it. Key words may be indicated by the design author during the upload. Tags are automatically added to every design according to the title and the author.

For example, by using the word "Blue" in your search, the results will show all the designs or author names including the word "Blue", as well as the designs which the author have explicitly indicated the word "Blue" in the description.

If you already know the design title you're looking for, you can write it down just the way it is, in the Simple File Finder.

3.2          The Advances Visual Engine (AVE)

The Advances Visual Engine (AVE) is based on the concept of a "word-free" search for designs and images, which breaks down the linguistics and conceptual barriers of textile designs cataloguing. AVE is composed by categories and subcategories within Studio 2.0 designs are organized. By choosing a category or subcategory you're not just automatically narrowing your search range, but also all the shown designs complying with the search criteria helps you to surf the database in a fast an intuitive way.

Open the AVE by clicking the special key OPEN ADVANCED SEARCH ENGINE. It will immediately show the main categories list, through which you'll make the first selection. At this point you can start your search though the SEARCH key.

If your chosen category includes subcategories, those will immediately appear as selectable inside AVE and so they can be used to improve your search.

A further searching filter is integrated in AVE which allows choosing the digital designs format: to narrow your search to one or more specific format you'll just have to choose them in their special box.

3.3          Search results

When a search is started the related designs are listed on one or more pages through a tabular preview.

Before the list, the results pages report a resuming tab of the search results. This section indicates first of all the number of designs matching the search criteria. Next to this counting a functional "drop down" menu allows re-order the searched items depending the criteria: edit date, number of views, rating, number of purchases and price.

The edit date simply indicates the day the design as been uploaded into Studio 2.0 catalogue. with this previous parameter you can chronologically order the designs.

The number of views indicates how many visits the related item was visited by Studio 2.0 users (registered or not). Essentially it indicates the generic level of interest of a design shown by viewers.

Rating is only expressed by registered members willing to rate the concerned design. The average of all the single rating is the rate used as order parameter for the search.

Number of purchases indicates, for non-exclusive designs, how many times the design has been bought on Studio 2.0.

The exclusive designs are immediately removed from the database and visible only by the buyer.

If the search is elaborated through AVE, the resume tab also indicates the category and subcategory. By clicking on the categories you can immediately start a new AVE search, widening your search range.


Even if the search is very specific on Studio 2.0 they might produce a large number of results: every page lists up to 16 items, and the pagination-bar, on the top and bottom, allows scrolling between the results pages. This toolbar shows the closest 20 pages, but the arrows allows to scroll between all the others.

The produced results are shown in a tab, and also show a preview of the designs and a few details directly from the product card.

For each design: Title, code, price and author are immediately listed. Further details may be viewed on the design’s card just by clicking the related preview. By clicking the author name you'll open the artist’s card.

3.4          The design’s Card

The design’s Card shows a detailed description of the selected design, and allows new research starting from this point. Users can also add the related design into their favorites list, rate it or buy it.

In the main section, the one containing the design details, a list of designs belonging to the same category of the examined item. Just by scrolling the mouse on the design’s icon more detailed characteristics are shown, by clicking it you’ll open the related design’s card.

The SIMILAR key activates the exclusive Studio 2.0 cataloguing search engine, which identifies common patterns between designs, listing all of the graphics elements with similitude with original design.

Next to the design’s card a brief artist’s card is also visible. Click this icon you’ll go directly to the related card, meanwhile the VISUALIZE PORTFOLIO key activates the searching for the same artist’s designs.


Through the design’s card, members have access to all the advanced options: not just the purchase, but also the rating, or the options to add the design to their favorites list and even to share it on the Web through the many social network enabled by Studio 2.0.

Rating can only be expressed once for each design, through a stars system from 1 to 5. The reported rating is the average between all of the ratings by members.

Design favorites list (reachable by members in the personal area) it’s a comfortable tool to keep a trace of the most interesting items, like the later purchase of an item, or to use a “old” design for new research. Designs can be added or removed any time from the favorites list.

SHARE IT key allows to share a Studio 2.0 element (design, project) through the many social network supported (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc…).

3.5          The Artist’s card

Just like the design’s card, the artist’s card contains a detailed profile of the existents authors on portal Studio 2.0. Other than the artist’s main information, the card reports a description of the artist posted by members and a list of the latest designs uploaded.

Members can not rate an artist; the rating is based from the average rate of all his designs or projects he took part.

The SEE ALL key in the Artist’s card shows the author whole PORTFOLIO.

4           Registration

Registered Users may buy designs on Studio 2.0 and have access to other exclusives functions like bookmarking, rating and sharing of contents on social networks. Registration is also the first step to become an Artist on Studio 2.0 and therefore to expose designs and participate to projects.

4.1          How to register

Register into Studio 2.0 by pressing key SIGN IN on the interface upper toolbar.

The procedure may be completed in a few seconds and essentially requires the filling of a simple form with: user name, password and a few personal data (name, last name, sex, nationality, e-mail)

Those data may be modified forward in the personal area.

To become an artist Studio 2.0, and receive through PayPal service, credits from your designs sale on Studio 2.0, you must also supply an E-mail related to a PayPal account. In order to avoid fraud this e-email address can’t be changed automatically, but only with a formal request to Studio 2.0 assistance staff.

4.2          Access the site as a registered member

Once the registration procedure is completed and your account activated, you may access portal Studio 2.0 as a member through the LOG IN section of the upper toolbar. Insert your user name and password and press the log in key. Once you’re logged, the same toolbar will show your name and credit. You may also enter your personal information by accessing MY ACCOUNT page.

If you forget the password you can use the automatic reactivation procedure. Just write your user name and reference e-mail. A new password will be sent to your e-mail. Password may be changed any time in the personal area , PROFILE section.

4.3          Personal Area

You may access to your Personal Area as registered member from the MY ACCOUNT key in the upper toolbar. The personal area contemplates a series of profile management dedicated sections.

The PROFILE section allows to modify your account details (name, last name, sex, description, nationality), load your personal Avatar image and change your password any time.

BOOKMARKS area collects all your favorite designs. Use this area to access quickly to the most relevant items, to complete your purchase or start a new research from similar designs.

UPLOADS area collects all the designs you have loaded as an artist. A Studio 2.0 designer can quickly observe any time its own designs collection, and eventually erase material he doesn’t want to sell anymore. From this area the user can also upload a new design on the site.

In the same way, DOWNLOADS area allows the user to access the designs already bought. Studio 2.0 allows to download the purchased items any time, in case of lost file.

SOLD section is similar to the UPLOADS area but it contains a list of sold designs. Those designs can’t be removed, not even by the author.

ACCOUNTING area is dedicated to the management of your credits and the visualization of accounting movements on Studio 2.0. From here you may recharge your credit and require payments.

5           How to buy a design

5.1          Studio 2.0 Credit System

Studio 2.0 provides a double credit for registered members an artists.

The PURCHASES CREDIT is the deposit where the user may take credits for the purchase of designs. It can be recharged in the personal area through PayPal or other Studio 2.0 authorized circuits.

SALES CREDIT is instead reserved for Artist members only. It contains the credits earned from sales on Studio 2.0. This credit can be converted to real money by using a PayPal account. If you’re not an artist ignore this parameter.

5.2          Recharge your PURCHASES CREDIT

To recharge your PURCHASES CREDITS access the site as a registered member. Go to the personal area “my account” and then accounting section. In the next area, PURCHASES CREDI,T identify the bank circuit you want to use to recharge your account, then follow displayed instructions.

Select the amount of your recharge, and remember that the credit will not expire until 10 years from deposit.

5.3          Design purchase

If you’re a member and have enough credit, the only thing you have to do to buy a design is enter the design’s card and proceed by using the “BUY” key. The Zip file containing all of the requested material will be immediately available.

If you wish to re-download an already purchased design, just go to your personal area and then click on Downloads; there you’ll find a list of all the purchased designs ready to be downloaded again.

6           How to become a Studio 2.0 artist

6.1          Requirement to become an Artist

Any registered member may become an Artist of Studio 2. The only requirement is the presence of a valid PayPal electronic e-mail address permitting Studio 2.0 to accredit the money you earn every time you wish, directly through your PayPal account.

An artist must only upload his drawings on the site; those will be examined and evaluated by ours experts considering Studio 2.0 criteria. Briefly you’ll receive the approval confirmation for your designs and then it will be available on the portal.

6.2          Royalties system

Studio 2.0 acknowledges 40% of royalties to the design’s author of the sales price.

This means, if you sell a design uploaded by you for 20 credits, 8 credits will be uploaded to your SALES CREDITS.

6.3          Publish your design

Before you publish a design on Studio 2.0 make sure you’ve full-filled your user profile with a valid PayPal e-mail address, otherwise you may not collect your SALES CREDITS.

To upload a design go to your personal area (MY ACCOUNT key in the upper toolbar), then enter the UPLOADS section. And finally use UPLOAD NEW design key to start the upload process.

For all added item you must furnish two files: the design , and a icon that will be used as preview of your creation by the portal.

The original design can be a RASTER type(Jpg or Png format) or vector type (Eps or Svg format). The icon must be a raster with resolution 160x160 pixels.

NB: Choose with care your icon, because it will represent your creation on the whole portal during all the consultation phases and searching by the users, as a preview before the detailed design’s card.

After uploading your design, choose a name for your creation.

To simplify the research by others users of your creation, use the AVE to indicate the optional category and subcategory which your creation belongs.

If you wish it you may also TAG your design with one or more key words that may fulfill the description. Studio 2.0 has a vocabulary made of hundreds of words, that will be instantly traduced in all of the supported language, in order to guarantee the maximum visibility for all the foreign language users.

At last, choose the type of license to sell your designs. We remind you that the common design’s license on Studio 2.0 as set price of $ 20,00 dollars, while for exclusive license designs you may decide the price.

6.4          Withdraw your SALES CREDITS

You may withdraw your SALES CREDITS any time you want in the accounting section of your personal area. You must own at least an amount of 5 SALES CREDIT to complete a withdraw.

Activate the procedure through the “payment request” key.

Studio 2.0 staff will accredit the selected amount to your Paypal within 24 hours.

You can also decide to convert SALES CREDITS into PURCHASES CREDIT, by choosing this option you will also receive an extra 10 % bonus!

We remind you that Studio 2.0 only accredits artists earning through PAYPAL accounts.

7           Propose and participate at the projects

7.1          What are the projects

7.2          How to propose your own project

7.3          Participate to other projects