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What is Studio 2.0?

STUDIO 2.0: design, fashion, textile in the age of social networks

Creativity is a precious resource: if you waste a single drop of it, you not only loose a business opportunity, but also contribute to dry up a market already threatened by a deep crisis.
Anyway, in design, fashion and textile industry, creativity is just a rough resource. In order to become a real market opportunity, it must be forged, aggregated and shared in a proper way. This is especially true for the new creatives who have to face an industry non always willing or able to invest in their talents.
Besides that, individual creativity has to be aggregated and shared. Communication is essential to get together the various component of the market: communication among individual artists, between artists and enterprises and even between design schools and enterprises.
STUDIO 2.0 is a Web portal that joins together a marketplace and a social network, enabling fashion professionals and enthusiasts to sell and buy textile images, share projects and receive feedback about their works from the community. It’s born to give stylists a way to express their talent on the market and at the same tame gives enterprises a new approach to individual creativity.
STUDIO 2.0 is founded on a database with over 20.000 textile designs (and counting). This number keeps growing thanks to the contribution that each user can bring to the portal.
On STUDIO 2.0 website, any professional or enthusiast can upload a textile image on the site. When an image is bought by an user, the artist receive his royalities. Sold images, feedbacks and personal resumee will form a user’s portfolio that can be accessed by other members in search of creative people.
If I’m looking for creative, I can publish my job advertisement on the portal, describing the project I’m working on, or I can contact an artist whose portfolio seems right for my purpose. At the same time, artists can browse between job advertisements in search or a project they feel right for. The projects to which the artist contribute will be inserted in his/her portfolio.
STUDIO 2.0 is based on Pianezza Paolo S.r.l’s exclusive index and search technology that enable fast and intuitive browsing between thousands of images, without any language barrier or expertise needed.